Mind You..

Its like this..

And then I got it..

The answer is Ice Cream Sundae.

But in this case I have decided it really means - "I Concretize Spirit."

Concretize - to make concrete, real, or particular; give tangible or definite form to.

Related words - illustrate, exemplify, incorporate, exhibit, express, epitomize, manifest, typify, personify, mirror, demonstrate, symbolize, realize, incarnate, show, evince, actualize, externalize, complete, exteriorize.

Let me explain from my new understanding what this is attempting to illuminate, and this is going to get pretty challenging for most, but if you can get with the basic premise then everything begins to make sense. To me at least.

Science now accepts that there is another level beneath the atom, and it is pure wavelike energy. So everything made of atoms is in fact just waves of energy, is not solid, and as this infinite energy stream is consciousness, then everything is conscious. Science also accepts that electrons, the smallest particles of atoms, behave differently when they are being observed. As if they were conscious. How about that.

Experiments have proven that plants are sentient, and can respond to human thought and intention.

I would propose that inanimate objects are also in some form, "aware", and quite possibly contain some form of record of their journey through history. They are made of atoms, so therefore energy, so therefore consciousness, so similar rules can be deemed to apply.

Humans and animals are of course both conscious and energy, although we now understand that one infers the other.

Spirit, such as inhabits humans, is a fragment of the infinite consciousness, but is still connected to it.

Consciousness wants experience in order to evolve, and we are one program which provides experience, through all that we do and experience ourselves as we go through life as physical beings in this seemingly physical environment.

And what is infinite conciousness. It is what we call "God" in whatever language you choose. It is aware and connected to everything. As are we. Every single thing on this planet and others is interconnected, but it is really only necessary to contemplate our own planet for now.

This planet was created in order for this ongoing experiment in the experience of humanity, and our souls/spirits are given the task of recording experience in order to assist in the evolution of the one. It is a giant playground if you like, and we are the players. And it would do a huge amount of good if we remembered that was the plan.

Knowing how complete this interconnectedness is between everything, how could we ever imagine that we can do anything at all without having a far-reaching effect on absolutely everything.

The sticky bit - if that was not already - is the relationship between our spirit and our human form.

But that is not the game.

The game is - what is the question.?

There is only the one question. It has always been. It has brought everything into existence. But at the risk of sounding patronising I am going to say that it has always had a small piece missing.

Who Am I ?

- now..?

And then I remembered who I was. Once. I had not so much forgotten, as been subject to a form of self-imposed amnesia. As have we all.

I shall explain, thanks to a book by Jeremy Griffith - "FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition" - from whence came the image above.