Mind You..

Its like this..

And then I got it..

The answer is Ice Cream Sundae.

But in this case I have decided it really means - "I Concretize Spirit."

Concretize - to make concrete, real, or particular; give tangible or definite form to.

Related words - illustrate, exemplify, incorporate, exhibit, express, epitomize, manifest, typify, personify, mirror, demonstrate, symbolize, realize, incarnate, show, evince, actualize, externalize, complete, exteriorize.

Let me explain from my new understanding what this is attempting to illuminate, and this is going to get pretty challenging for most, but if you can get with the basic premise then everything begins to make sense. To me at least.

Science now accepts that there is another level beneath the atom, and it is pure wavelike energy. So everything made of atoms is in fact just waves of energy, is not solid, and as this infinite energy stream is consciousness, then everything is conscious. Science also accepts that electrons, the smallest particles of atoms, behave differently when they are being observed. As if they were conscious. How about that.

Experiments have proven that plants are sentient, and can respond to human thought and intention.

I would propose that inanimate objects are also in some form, "aware", and quite possibly contain some form of record of their journey through history. They are made of atoms, so therefore energy, so therefore consciousness, so similar rules can be deemed to apply.

Humans and animals are of course both conscious and energy, although we now understand that one infers the other.

Spirit, such as inhabits humans, is a fragment of the infinite consciousness, but is still connected to it.

Consciousness wants experience in order to evolve, and we are one program which provides experience, through all that we do and experience ourselves as we go through life as physical beings in this seemingly physical environment.

But what is a physical being, in light of what is now understood about atomic particles simply being waves of energy.

As I see it, any physical arrangement of atoms is merely energy being held in form.

This means us, and everything we consider as a solid object, is being held in form by something.

The something that comes to mind is - spirit - in lesser or greater form. If the universe is infinite, and the universe is conscious, then infinite consciousness, "God" if you prefer, to which our individual souls are all irrevocably connected, has to be the obvious choice.

Theoretically we are responsible for holding ourselves in our current physical form, therefore we concretize spirit.

Can we tie this back to thought.

I would not have claimed previously that I am responsible for creating my own body at an atomic level, but then again, more and more we see evidence that humans begin to resemble what they "believe" - a belief is only repetitive thought - about themselves.

Somewhere within the composite arrangement of soul, conscious and subconscious mind, it would seem that we individually and collectively hold the answers to perhaps everything, but more specifically, the mystery that is us.

So who are we, and who am "I".

And now I remember who I was. Once. I had not so much forgotten, as been subject to a form of self-imposed amnesia. As have we all. Let me explain what was another engima.

I was a child. Initially I was not aware of much, but steadily became so, and eventually became aware of myself. I had no limitations to thought, because I had very little experiencial knowledge, therefore I was 'fanciful' and could imagine that whatever I wanted to be, do or have, could be realised. And that is pretty much how it played out. Because of my limited experience as a child in a middle-class family, my ambitions were limited to what I understood was available or even in existence, but as I grew and learned more of the planet, my thoughts expanded. I became convinced that extraterrestrial life was a given, considering the billions of stars and planets, many of which would surely offer the same chance of life as ours did. I began to experiment with attempts at communication, by projecting my thoughts out to the stars at night and saying hello, but it would seem that either my transmitter or receiver were either not working or on the wrong station.

As I was approaching adolescence I became convinced that "I" was not human. I was within a human, but it was not "me". If I considered who "I" was, I was an intelligence, a consciousness, and it seemed most likely that I resided somewhere behind my eyes. That was where my thought seemed to be centred. I decided that if I got really close to a mirror, that I might be able to look back through my eyes and perhaps catch sight of me. So I tried it. It was quite difficult to maintain my gaze into the reflection of two eyes while resisting the impulse to focus both eyes on only one of the reflected pair, but I got better at it, and then it became more a matter of gazing without blinking or being distracted. I got to a point where I was able to manage all this, and I remained in this fashion for what seemed like a very long time. Trying to gauge it now I would say that it was between 30 seconds and a minute, but it seemed much longer.

What happened then gave me a huge fright.

I felt something move, physically, inside my head. It seemed to be towards the rear of my cranial space, and it felt like something rotated in my brain, and with it there was a distinct and audible "click". The fact that I felt the movement was my greatest concern, because I feared I had in some way damaged myself, but I also looked around thinking that something other than I may have been responsible for the sound. There was nothing else, and the two things had seemed related and simultaneous. There was nobody else at home, and I did not consider that there was anyone I could talk to about what had just taken place, but being now a bit fearful of what the consequences might prove to be, I ceased this pursuit entirely. I would say in retrospect that I pretty much gave up all of my "alternative" thoughts at about this time, and became a rather ordinary example of dissatisfied youth about to enter teenage years and attempt to engage with what life on earth seemed to consist of.

Over the years I shared the recollection of this event with a few partners, but none ever hazarded a guess at what my experience meant, nor did I ever gain any more personal insight as to what could have taken place. I did categorize it more as a physical thing than a mental one, but the sensation had seemingly occurred within my brain.

Move forward about 55 years to November 2018. I became aware of a Biologist who had written a book called "FREEDOM - The end of the human condition". The Author got my attention by the way he spoke, and then again because he was giving the book away for free. I love knowledge that wants to share itself. I got a copy and began reading. It seemed to be rather repetitive in many places, but I now see this as a deliberate ploy to retrain the subconscious mind, and have met it in other works since, so I simply played the game and continued to read the book as it was written.

I reached a section where Jeremy (Griffith) was describing a transition which occurs in young people's minds and attitudes, usually during late pre-adolescence, when they feel that the ideal world they imagine should be, begins to appear impossible to attain, and they thus resign themselves to giving up on it, and enter a form of mental "lockdown", becoming orthodox thinkers within the current state of humanity. In a way, they give up on their own thought and adopt the convention of others.

On the next page was the photo that transfixed me.

In one instant I knew beyond any doubt that not only was this exactly what I had experienced, albeit with physical manifestation, but that this man was absolutely on the money. What I had felt was a key turning in a lock, and I had locked my own mind.

This book is most worthy of your attention if you are as interested as I am in freeing the mind of mostly self-imposed limits. It can be downloaded in pdf form here.

I will be back again soon...