Mind You..

What is Reality.

The short answer to this is very simple.

Reality is whatever you think it is.

To be more precise - your reality is whatever you think it is.

It is almost a certainty that even in a situation which several people are simultaneously exposed to, their realities will be different.

In a logical sense this is so, because each interprets whatever is happening via their vibratory senses, sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and then filters it via their individual understanding of what is already known and what is considered possible. Easy to see how this would differ from human to human.

However, there is a far greater variable, and I believe this is the one that I have been trying to pin down throughout my sifting of data.

I have two quotes I would like to use to illuminate my next supposition.

"E = mc²"

This is briefly explained as "Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared." On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. Under the right conditions, energy can become mass, and vice versa.

Einstein's famous equation states that energy and matter are interchangeable. Considering that we now understand that everything is energy, this alone gives credibility to the concept that thoughts (energy) can become matter (stuff). The sub-atomic particles which by description are parts of atoms, are all pervasive. We consist of them as does all matter. Thoughts are also sub-atomic particles, therefore can communicate directly with matter.

Now a longer quote which predates much of what is now accepted around the "zero point field" concept, but seems to be describing the same thing.

"A “field” is a medium by which information is transferred from one particle to another. Modern science also tells us that electromagnetic field exists everywhere. Well this is not quite true. At Absolute Zero all known forms of energy, including electromagnetic energy, vanish. This really is “empty space.” This is a very strange place, in many ways linked to the quantum world simply by its very environment. At these super-low temperatures a fascinating new form of matter is created, something called a Bose-Einstein Condensate".

"This new form of matter was first predicted by Indian physicist Satyendra Nath Bose, a scientist brought up within the Eastern rather than the Western philosophical tradition. In a paper that he sent to Albert Einstein in 1924 he described how it may be the case that if particles were cooled to a few degrees above absolute zero they may change from being a single particle to a collection of particles that act as if they were one. Such a bizarre idea was proved when the first Bose-Einstein condensate was created in 1995 at the University of Colorado. Many years before, in 1938, a similar phenomenon was observed when a substance called helium 4 was found to have absolutely no viscosity. This meant that it could flow with absolutely no loss of energy"

I propose that this is describing what we now consider the attributes of a "superconductor" to be. Elements which conduct themselves with no loss of energy - like an "eternal motion" machine. Another vital component in this quote concerns the properties of a field and that particles "communicate" by such a medium. It is now known that atoms communicate back and forth constantly, as in balancing charges. With the newer concept of the zero point field, and the associated energy which pervades infinity, we have an explanation of infinite stored data as well as the concept that all matter is constantly in touch with this field and also communicating.

But I have an even more succinct point to make.

Come on - you knew it was coming...

Let us consider in the above instances, the humans who were responsible for these findings. We all seem to understand that Einstein was a pretty sharp cookie, and while I have no detailed knowledge of Mr Bose, we can be rather certain that if he told Einstein what was going to happen, we can take it for granted that we have a pair of highly polished brains involved here.

These guys really knew how to think.

By their own admission, the energy of their thoughts could become matter.

Do you think it is any wonder that they found the exact proof to support their theory?

What I am saying is that they caused it to happen purely because of their thought.

In the data I have been absorbing there are numerous accounts whereby a line of research suddenly changed tack because the researcher noticed a strange discrepency, which initially led them to look closely at something else, which then caused them to form a strong idea as to what it might mean, only to then find the proof that they were correct. We all do this on various scales all of our lives. We follow some intuitive suggestion, then form an idea about what is going on, only to find we were justified in our conclusions.

From whatever lofty or diminutive perspective you wish to view the importance of either Einstein or yourself, I believe that the same thing is taking place.

First you have the thought.

Then the thought manifests (becomes "real") in your reality.

You are not rediscovering some age old secret - you just made it happen!

Thoughts become things.

If thoughts equal energy and energy equals matter, then thoughts can become matter.

You are in every way just as powerful in your creation as Albert Einstein.

How many things have you "considered", or "heard about", or decided that you "wanted", only to then find that the very thing somehow came into your experience?

Fortunately, this is the most simple thing to prove. You can "decide" that some random thing is going to appear in your day or your life experience, sometime soon. You need to picture it in your mind, and you need to say the words that describe it out loud. Most people who do this find that the item shows up quite promptly and it amuses the hell out of them. But I want you to get serious. I want you to know beyond any doubt that your perceived reality is down to your own predominant thought.

We know that our reality is the result of our own interpretation, so change your thought about reality and reality is changed.

Yes - that sounds like a fanciful notion, and there are ways in which you can make it a stronger ideal.

When we "believe" something, it has a much stronger effect on our reality. But a "belief" is only a thought we keep thinking, so you need to start thinking a different thought repeatedly. You do not need to "believe" the new thought immediately at all. It's kind of like "fake it 'til you make it" in a way, but you need to repeat the new version of the reality you want so that it replaces the version you do not want. If thoughts become things, then only by adopting a new thought to the point that it becomes more the predominant thought than the one you already have that is not serving you well, can you change the end result, because the old thought is managing to be your current reality.

Much or probably most of what we experience as our "reality" has been put in place during our lives until now by peers, teachers, parents and all. Media also plays a big part in "categorising" us, and if we are not active in replacing their versions with the one we wish for ourselves, we simply become a self-fulfilling phrophecy of something we did not feel we chose.

And yet we obviously did, or else we would not be in this current scenario.

It is difficult to explain this with great clarity, especially as we tend to feel that we are locked in to our respective conditions, but let me give you another example.

If you went out today to some populated place like a shopping mall, and spoke in the poshest voice you could muster with confidence, how do you imagine all the other people would relate to you?

Everyone you interact with takes their cue from you. If you raise your part of the play then they have to do the same - or they simply cannot communicate with you. Basically, all other people will treat you as you treat yourself. If you totally elevate your own self-image, others will do the same. While this may seem like a cheap stage-play, it illustrates the principle we are discussing. Only you can change your reality. And you can do it in the most incredible way. And it is your choice. And the universe will follow your lead.

When we decide that our new reality will be such and such, we become the only major player. The degree to which we are authentic in the new paradigm will determine how complete the transition is. One method which is reported as being most effective is to write down as many details as possible describing the new situation, and to read it aloud every day so that it begins to become our new view of our "reality".

Part Five - Thought control.