Mind You..

Why is Thought.

Why do we think?

I am very grateful to have been born with a brain as developed as I did, and that it allows me "layers" of thought, but why would we have evolved so. As it seems we evolve to further improve our chances of survival there would presumably be good reason why we grew a larger cranium rather than a more robust body. We all got to be lovely little thinkers.

No doubt there were great advances made when we first learned to use tools, and then the skills to implement better results, but at what point would that branch of development have ceased to be the main stimulus for brain growth. With many examples of where mankind reached some major turning point, perhaps resulting in better food, greater security, more comfortable living and so on, it seems that the genetic seeds were already sown and brains were the major evolutionary process.

Do we think in order to evolve, or do we evolve in order to think?

There is an assertion that every thought that ever was - still exists.

There are teachers who espouse that we humans are at the cutting edge of thought - and that we are fabulous creators.

When we exercise free will and do practical things, fun things, work or play, each action is always preceeded by a thought. The thought always comes first. The same can be said of deliberate creation, manifestation, visualisation. Always the thought comes first. When I found - or was found by - the impossibly small article that my friend lost in a large area of space, the thought came first.

Perhaps then, having "thought" is like blessing our food, it paves the way for the best possible result. By the same token, thoughts of troublesome nature, worry, anguish, all serve to not only cause stress to the thinker, but often seem to amount to the worst possible outcome, as we might call a "self-fulfilling prophecy".

To me there is no doubt whatsoever, that thought plays as much or more part in any action than does the action.

An experiment was undertaken with sports teams in Soviet Russia. Four groups of world-class athletes were given differing instructions. The first group trained for 100% of their allotted time. The second group trained for 75% of their time and visualised the exact movements and results they wished to achieve for the remaining 25%. The third team did 50/50, and the fourth team only 25% of the time training Physically and 75% visualising. At the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid, New York, the fourth group showed the greatest improvement, followed in order by groups 3,2 and 1. This is compelling research.

Consider for a minute what this is saying. Despite the fact that the fourth team of athletes did not physically prepare their bodies anywhere near as much as the first team, they still outperformed them. This goes against the still current thinking that physical preparation is the key ingredient.

We still underestimate the power of thought in virtually every common scenario of human life experience, and yet when it is tried, the results are astounding to say the least.

In Michael Talbot's book "The Holographic Universe", it is concurred by a number of learned people in the field of quantum theory that there is no separation between mind and matter. Actually - there is no separation between anything. All things are absolutely connected, and to imagine that we can operate in isolation is a total nonsense. Everything that we do impacts on everyone and everything. These are the conclusions arrived at by simply analysing the phenomena that have already been observed.

The notion that we share thought does make much more sense in explaining such concepts.

To assume that we exist in a sea of thought not only explains our ability to access a common thought, or a precise thought, but also that we are all irrevocably connected by thought. What we think is a precursor to what will become, and as social animals it is logical that we would have some form of insight to ensure our chances of survival in such a climate.

Not only but also - researchers at the Maimonides Medical Centre in Brooklyn, New York, have spent many years studying the mechanism of dreams, and have concluded that we are able to communicate with one another while dreaming, in ways that as yet cannot be explained. This is also seen as proof of our interconnectedness.

So many religions and philosophies have alluded to the fact that the human race is not a collection of isolated intelligences, but a spiritually connected oneness, and if we consider thought as being an analogy of spirit, then we are indeed connected in many ways.

What does all this mean for us?

If we are truly creators at the cutting edge of thought, then it is "our" thought which is the catalyst. We can think of desired outcomes and then experience their coming into being. As described - I have experienced this myself.

Ever since we in the Western world became acquainted with the notion of "Gurus", we have been privy to accounts of humans who were capable of great feats, purely by the use of mind. Such people were given great reverence and treated as oddities, but it would seem that the powers that they seemed to command are in fact available to all of us.

If we were to annotate all the accounts of all the recorded data of all such humans, we would find that these accounts go back to the beginnings of recorded history. Jesus was such an example, despite what has been made of his life for seemingly reasons of power or selfish gain. There have always been people who were obviously connected to everything in a way that confounded the general populace, and were accredited with performing miracles, when in fact they were simply far more aware of our natural state of being, and able to harness the intelligence that such an awareness offered for the benefit of all. Note that last statement. The benefit of all.

There are many accounts of the "generous" use of seemingly supernatural talents. These talents appear in retrospect to be concise application of thought to achieve specific outcomes, often of a healing or beneficial nature. Whilst such people may have been granted status of a godly personage, they could have equally been ordinary humans who had mastered the creative use of thought to a much greater degree than their average peers.

There is another facet of creative thought versus desired outcome. Call it "manifestation" if you like, for that is what it means. It involves our emotional state. Deliberate thought which elicits a happier emotional response seems to be far more effective than thought which seems to cause sadness, anger or depression. This has been the origin of sayings such as "follow your bliss", simply because it had been observed over and over that people who were in a happy frame of mind seemed to repeatedly produce a more productive or successful outcome - by their own judgement - than those who had reservations, doubts or fears relating to the actions they were intending.

By the same token, acts of generosity or benefit to others seem to occur more frequently in historical accounts where outcomes that defy explanation were recorded.

It seems that "thought" needs to be treated as the main course.

Consider this.

If I get an "idea", then act on it to good effect - is that not "intelligence".?

If all our thought is stored in the fabric of the universe, does that not imply that the universe is "intelligent".?

What I am leaning toward, is that the universe is benign. If I were to consider all of the "serendipitous" or "co-incidental" events that have involved me, they all worked in my best interest, and seemed to be within the realms of "manifestation" of the things I had most desired.

To me this promotes the idea that the universe is not only a repository of thought, but that it is intelligent. Perhaps by thinking, we in fact create new consciousness. If so, it would be logical to assume that such consciousness would continue to be more evolved than that which came before. We continue to become more involved with our emotional relationship to our thoughts. I see that as a process of our evolutionary development.

Of the last 48 hours (29.10.18) I have happily become the recipient of much new data. It is most pertinent to all that I have written thus far.

I was until the last few days unaware of monoatomic atoms, nor a phenomena known as the "zero point field", but both of these astounding theories support much of my own model.

I call them "theories" because I have no practical experience of their application, but many folk have gone to great lengths to pinpoint the science that actually makes them finite principles.

I am most grateful for their works, and I believe that this combined branch of science/quantum physics may be a clear indication of what our future may become.

I certainly hope so.

I shall attempt to give a brief explanation of both these reality altering subjects.

I shall then explain why these are pertinent to thought.

Monoatomic structures have been proven to exist naturally, but can be created using scientific methods, although not usually without great forces being applied. They concern elements which occur in the middle of the periodic table. Many elements in their metallic state consist of several molecules which are strongly bonded, but reducing them to their monoatomic state results often in powder forms which in some cases exhibit all the qualities of superconductors.

Superconductors are the holy grail of energy matters, and until the 70's were only obtainable by subjecting metals or elements to massive magnetic forces. The discovery that they can occur naturally, or by relatively uncomplicated processes sets the scientific community on its ear. A superconductor can produce light or levitate under the influence of the slightest magnetic field.

An American cotton farmer during analysis of troublesome soils discovered related materials and after mammoth research and spending vast amounts of money, managed to patent various processes which allowed creation of these mysterious elements.

We are now talking about substances consumed by the Pharoahs whose alchemists possessed techniques for also producing such things, and their ingestion bestowed rather surprising attributes upon the recipients. I shall not entertain the possibilities here, but they are immense.

Shall we say that an element which can produce useful energy simply by using the earth's magnetic field is massive enough, but that may be only the tip of the iceberg compared to it's effect on the power of thought.

Modern science has long held the viewpoint that no energy could exist at absolute zero. This was theorised because atoms would become so dense that any wave-like activity could not exist. Absolute zero is only 3 degrees lower than the vacuum of space. Thanks to the work of quantum physicists it has been proven that energy does still exist at absolute zero, and due to the infinite size of the universe, this amounts to immense energy. It is called "zero point energy", and exists within the "zero point field".

The theories reach much further.

This "zero point energy" may contain every thought that has ever been or will be, every feeling that every human has ever had, and the true pattern of every DNA.

You might say this is rather immense.

I am attempting to find a way to weave this information into my homegrown approach to explaining the complexities of thought, but it feels as if the lid has come right off.

I am excited, bewildered, and expecting great revelations.

I intend to tell you how it goes from here.

Is our perception deceiving us.

Part Four - What is Reality.