Mind You..

The Power of Thought.

For the last decade I have been studying the nature of thought.

Perhaps more accurately, I have been pondering it for my entire life, but in the last decade I have gained more insight and wisdom from various sources which has enabled me to begin constructing a model that I can measure new data against.

It will not be difficult for you to keep up. I do not have a PhD in the subject, and I am sure that someone with a PhD could produce all manner of arguments as to why I am wrong in my assumptions, but on this subject, they can no better prove me wrong than I can prove I am right, and if my model pleases you, then your thoughts will become more productive simply because I have elevated the way in which you will now view your own thought.

It's a win/win.

So that's nice.

In my own personal experience, many things have happened which could not be explained by simple practical logic, and that prompted me to document some of those instances. What I decided at that point was that "thought" had a number of interesting abilities.

I shall explain these observations in detail.

1. Thought can directly effect the physical universe.

2. Thought can be simultaneously transmitted and instantaneously received regardless of distance.

3. Thought persists.

There have been many more similar events, but I have chosen these three as they all have eye-witnesses and/or other corroborative evidence.

I do not believe in "co-incidence" or "serendipity", although I absolutely love it when things of that nature occur around me. I am of the understanding that there is something much more deliberate and exciting going on.

May 2010.

I rode with a group of friends from Blenheim to Canvastown to have lunch at the local Hotel. One rider had noticed something bounce across the road as we had approached a bridge, and suggested we should check our bikes to see if we had lost anything.

Indeed, a bike was missing a rather small but ancient and valuable part from the edge of it's rear light. The owner was distraught as such things are rare, and was determined that we must stop on our way back to try and find it.

I said out loud - "yes, we'll find it", and as I spoke those words I had a fleeting image pass through my mind of just reaching down and retrieving something from the ground.

We rode back and all pulled up beneath a grassy bank that led up to the road. Most of the group pulled up some distance ahead of where I stopped and next to me a friend who was visiting from Australia. He is a very sceptical man and seems to encourage me to pull off strange feats. I looked towards the bank, pointed in an arbitrary direction to my right and said "it will be over here". I then walked about 8 feet, bent down and picked up the tiny missing piece from within the grass.

I did not look about or attempt to "find" it, I simply went to a random point, reached down and it was in my grasp.

My sceptical friend said in a confounded and slightly annoyed way - "how do you do this shit.!" I replied that I saw myself doing it, and then I did it. What I did not say - but am absolutely certain of - was that if I had walked in a different direction, it would also have been there.

I realise that I visualised the process in the first instance, but that my intention of thought managed to ensure that this small piece of motorcycle would indeed be located by me.

My thought had influenced an inanimate object.

August 2013.

I had been planning a major motorcycle tour of the USA which I first proposed in 2010. For various reasons it was decided to purchase used bikes in California that we would use to attend a major International Rally before completing a circuit of northern USA.

Via an online motorcycle forum I had announced our intention, and our aim to meet up with any other forum members who would be interested as we meandered across America. I also asked what we would need to do in order to legally own motorcycles as visitors in the USA.

One man responded that the only thing we would need was a local postal address. He even contacted me by email and asked where we were intending to land. I told him we were arriving in LA, and he responded that as he lived in LA we could use his postal address. I expressed my gratitude - as this had immediately removed a major planning obstacle.

We exchanged a few emails about my intended choice of bikes and the forthcoming rally. At this time all I knew was his name, that he was a motorcycle type, and he lived in LA.

As we were intending to arrive in LA at the end of April 2014, by August 2013 I was checking online ads for motorcycles in LA, and found that there were a number of our preferred type currently for sale in LA. One night after looking at a number of potential purchases, I began to consider the enormity of the task. I needed to somehow purchase 10 motorcycles by remote, and have them stored ready for our arrival in 2014.

I checked my emails before turning off my computer, and went to bed with these thoughts in my mind. In the morning I turned on my computer and checked my emails. There was an email from my contact in LA. His exact words were - "I think we should start buying the bikes toward the end of this year". That was it. The time stamp on the email suggested it had been sent at pretty much the exact same time that I had turned my computer off.

This man had responded to my thought in much the same instant that I had formed it. He had not only answered the question I was posing to myself, but he was also obviously intending to play an active role in the process. The distance between me and LA seemed to have made no measurable difference at all.

September 2013.

I was familiar with the term "channel" - a person who translates thought from a non-physical source. I had been introduced to the work of several channels via a movie, and was later given a large volume of live recordings by a Psychologist friend who had used it extensively for her clinical work. It contained a great deal of wisdom and explanation of human behaviour.

A friend whom I had introduced to some of this material discovered that there was a channel in our city and arranged an audience for me. I was unsure how this might possibly pan out, as I had no idea how authentic I might perceive them to be, but I was extremely eager to ask a question that no earthly being could have answered. There was an audience of 5 people and the idea was that we would all receive 15 minutes of one-on-one, although all would be able to hear the entire session. I chose to be last as I wanted to absorb what took place, and within minutes I felt totally reassured that this was most authentic indeed.

I do not wish to alienate any reader who might find this process as being too strange to give credibility to, but I can vouch for the truth that is spoken, and the degree of understanding that is displayed to the asker of any question. It feels as if one has been totally understood for the first time in one's life.

I had a question regarding an inexplicable event that I experienced 7 years earlier, during which I felt that I had been given a message of great importance, but which I had not understood. It took place in a street in an unfamiliar city, and it was preceeded by a totally involuntary turning of my head which I could do nothing about. To have one's own body refuse to respond to one's own nervous system is rather scary, but that is what took place. There was more but I see no use in repeating it here.

When I had described this event to friends I had told them of an astounding emotional response I had felt when it took place. I did not mention it to "Raman", the name bestowed on the spirit with whom I was conversing. Amazingly, Raman described that very thing to me, and the reason for it.

I have an audio recording of this entire interchange, and I have listened to it many times, each time eliciting a lesser version of the same emotional response. I would describe it as an extremely loving experience, but also one of being totally transparent in all thought. I am quite sure that whilst I was receiving this answer I was not thinking at all about that particular facet of the encounter, but it was obvious to my source.

What I came away feeling about this was that Raman had perceived a thought I had experienced a long time previous. It was absolutely correct, but displaced in time by some years for me.

Thoughts remain in existence long after they originate from a human mind.

These observations may not seem as self-evident to the reader as they do to me, but I was there.

One of the things that first motivated me about trying to harness thought, was the exciting prospect of deliberate creation. As the name suggests, this is to bring about an event or an outcome that is beneficial to the thinker, purely by manipulating thought in a certain way.

For example - in circa 1978 I was living overseas when I was informed that a close family member had a serious health issue and was to require surgery. It sounded life threatening to me, but there was not an option of jumping on a flight home at that time. I decided that the best thing I could do was to decide right then that the outcome was going to be brilliant, that my loved one would be fine, and there was actually nothing to be concerned about. My partner joined me in that thought.

That is exactly what happened, although I could never know if my/our actions played any significant part. But imagine if you could know. Imagine what wonderful outcomes we could all put our minds to achieving - especially those unselfish thoughts that might benefit those around us.

That excites me, and that is a major incentive for this research. It is not so much an incentive for writing this book - I am mostly doing this in order to clarify my own thoughts and line them up coherently. I do however wish to pass on to you anything of value to add into your experience of life.

You are more than welcome. Haha.

When I now look at the three examples I have described, they all had cool outcomes, and made me feel that I had unlocked some form of magic. Whilst I certainly had intent in the first example, I had no expectation of outcome from the second or third. They just happened. I do not recall even suspecting that such might be the case, but I now see some parallels and I believe them to be most fundamental in the realised outcome. As in - they are important.

Aside - funny I should use the word "believe", because a belief is just a thought we keep thinking...

A decade ago I was given a small fun exercise that I might try in order to convince myself that I was absolutely able to deliberately create. This is it. When you are driving somewhere in your vehicle, and especially when you are going to some very busy place, you imagine that there is going to be an empty parking space right outside, and you are just going to cruise straight into it. I always say the words out loud because it helps me to attach a good feeling to the thought.

So - if you see me driving and my lips are moving, I am either singing or I am doing this. "I know - there is going to be a carpark right outside." A sense of fun elevates my mood. ".. and I am just going to cruise up and swing straight in to it!" I have a sense of challenge now. "Haha!" Some mild excitement as to how I shall feel when this all pans out exactly as I have stated. I drive straight into parks in seemingly impossible places time after time after time. I feel that I should be more amazed than I am, but it always seems more frivolous than serious. Could be something in that.

Now, returning to my three examples. When I said - "Yes, we'll find it" in the first, I had a number of emotional attachments to that. There was a challenge to myself to pull this off, there was fun in the thought of being able to hand the lost thing back to it's less happy owner and thus restore his spirits, plus there was definitely a little excitement in the prospect of potential success.

Now as I look at the second instance, I was greatly excited about the entire trip, and it was going to be enormous fun which I could almost taste. I had been sending photos of cafes at Malibu and the like to all the members of the crew, so I was already well into fun mode with it. Now I had suddenly come across a new challenge - how could I possibly purchase and assemble all these bikes. Those three elements again.

The third example was rather different in nature. I was about to talk with a spirit who could answer any question I could possibly come up with. What question do you ask someone who knows everything? I was certainly excited, and even if I was a serious person by nature - which I am far from - this could only be fun. Like getting your cards read or your horoscope done, it is fun to think you are beating the odds or getting a small "cheat" on the future. There was not a challenge, but a strong sense of searching for something. A truth, some knowledge, a greater understanding perhaps. I got the whole lot in buckets.

What I am seeing in all of this is the emotional attachment that went with the thought. Fun elevates mood. Excitement stimulates creative juices. A search is a challenge. I was definitely looking for something every time. Whether it was a physical object or an answer, I was "seeking". We are all familiar with the saying "seek and ye shall find". I always thought of this as having strong religious connotations and thus gave it small credibility, but I am learning that a lot of old sayings held great wisdom, even if the real meaning was rather disguised. I now look at that saying as being a clue as to managing one's thought rather than one's life. Actually, they amount to the same thing, but we must keep remembering that the thought always comes first. Seek with your mind. Search for answers to your thoughts. That is when the real answers will come.

The other magic ingredient is the heart. Where your emotions feel to be centred. We communicate with our hearts all the time, and it seems to me that those who do it most are those I see or "feel" as being most authentic. There is no doubt that having your heart aligned with your thought makes the thought far more powerful. I used to be a little concerned that people who were creating with angry or hateful thought would damage those around them, but I now understand that without fun and excitement as part of the equation the outcome is less effective. Let's face it - how many things have wonderful outcomes when one is sad or depressed or angry. All emotional thought simply attracts more of the same, so your thought and therefore your emotional state is the path to an amplified version of where you are currently at. Always try to reach for a better feeling thought. It will influence the world you inhabit.

I am using all of my experiential learning to explain the linkages between thought and events, to find a quantifiable explanation as to how they can be explained. I place less credibility on academic teaching as I do on empirical data - those things that can be observed. In my occupational life, especially in the fields of electricity, electronics and machines, I have continually met situations where the theory failed to provide a reliable result. While I have always sought to understand how things work in order that I could either repair them or use them to greater advantage, I understand that the real criteria is that we get what we want at the end of the day.

All these things have led me to try and model the processes involved. I shall endeavour to explain this further.

I thank you for your perseverance thus far.

Part two - The Nature of Thought.