Mind You..


It seems we are seldom without one.

Obviously the practicalities of life as a physical being in a physical universe, and the demands of being a social animal, mean we have a lot to consider.

But what of thought itself?

How is it that we can observe ourselves having a thought even as we are thinking it?

And where do new ideas come from?

I am over the idea that there are a large stack of them under the bed..

There are numerous documented examples of how combined thought has had a beneficial effect on the minds of many. An experiment conducted in Washington in 1993 by members of a transcendental meditation group managed to drop the crime rate by 23% over the period of their trial. They had predicted a 20% drop which was laughed at by the Police Commissioner who responded that only 8 inches of snow could do that.

There are numerous accounts of people doing remarkable things by harnessing the power of intent - where in fact they were simply using the power of the mind itself.

These are not superhumans. We are all capable of the same feats.

This book is about the ACT of thinking.

Perhaps it is an art.

And if so - we should be perfecting it.

I invite you to read on.

With love.


Part one - The Power of Thought.