Who are we.?

Physical beings in a physical universe.

But - when I talk to you - who am I addressing.?

"You" are not this clump of cells I see - "You" are an intellect - thought - intelligence. That is a rather ethereal notion. It would suggest you are mostly spirit.

I understand that your thought is the result of electrical impulses generated by chemical reactions in your brain - machines can detect various areas of your brain light up in response to deliberate thoughts. Whoopee. But there is more.

Where do you imagine "ideas" come from. Wondrous possibilities that just pop up from nowhere in your mind. Why do you think we can follow a hunch, or exercise our "intuition" to sometimes unbelievably good result. Why is it that I can suddenly see a whole line of possibilities just in a flash - and speak of them to others - only to have the very process unfold in hours or days. This is what got me really interested.

Throughout my life I have always experienced such events. At first I thought that I was in some way able to predict things - but they were always fun things - and I have always been quick to find the fun side of everything. I began to try to monitor when these events took place - to see if I could more accurately pinpoint what I had been thinking prior to the one thought that would magically sum up a series of possibilities that would then come to reality.

The more I became focussed on these seemingly random thoughts, the more it began to appear that I was not predicting them at all. I was making them happen.!

Things were actually happening in response to thoughts in my mind. Perhaps I should try to guide those thoughts to better effect.

In the same way that my "fun" things worked out, I attracted a teacher. Of course - I would not necessarily have given it much attention if it had not worked out in the same happy and serendipitous fashion.

I was working in a new business - which was rather unorthodox. I was encouraged to absorb various self-improvement materials in order to widen my thinking in this different role. Whilst listening to speakers I found myself mesmerised by the voice of a woman speaker. I was not even concentrating on what she was saying, but could not get enough of the way in which she was talking. Soon after I was telling a friend of this, and this friend had detailed knowledge of both the speaker and the process being used. My friend had based much of her Clinical Psychological work on the teachings of the woman involved. So now I had both a high recommendation plus copious material to listen to. How neat that was...

The woman was called Esther Hicks, and the strange sound to her voice was due to the fact that she was "channelling" - a term I had not previously heard. It means that she receives thought from elsewhere, and simply translates it into words. The process has evolved to the point that she can converse fluently enough to address audiences. She describes the "Spirit" that talks through her as being called "Abraham" - although that was as much a feeling thing than any name suggested by the spirit. At first I was a little wary of the process - it is not an ordinary thing - but as we are all "Spirit" anyway - why would any thought be less valuable if we did not understand the origin? I had certainly been party to plenty unexplainable thought myself.

I began listening to Abraham. What I got was a new model of the universe.

So much of what I began to hear fitted perfectly with assumptions I had already formed on my own. I have never been of any religious persuasion, but I was very sure that I had access to some higher thought than my own human intellect. The means of access was unclear - it seemed that thought would come at times when I was not really concentrating on any specific course - but more it would come when I was in a happy frame of mind. I used to wonder why my peers did not seem to enjoy similar experiences, and I now relate it to just that - I was a more joyous being, and having the best time that was available in whatever situation.

This saying may explain better - "Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out".

My new model of the universe gave me adequate explanation as to why my thoughts had been able to impact on the reality of my physical experience. It also gave me "cause and effect" reasons for many other human traits that I had at some stage puzzled over. This was very cool indeed.

The biggest thing of all was the description of the "Eternal Spirit" - that which all religions that have ever been have eluded to. That which inhabits humans at birth, and departs at death. You choose to come here and you choose your parents. When you leave - you remember who you really are. Pure energy consciousness. If you consider the term "eternal" - how can it be.? The answer is simple - energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed. The universe is an energy model, and your spirit is energy. Now - as one who is always looking for the reasons for what is - I began comparing my unknowns with the new model. Ignore the implications - simply test your theories against the model and see if it holds water.

I believe most strongly in cause and effect. The beauty thereof is that the process can be followed in either direction.

Imagine that your "Eternal Spirit", or "Higher Self", or "Subconscious" is an energy consciousness which is attached to you - but outside of you - and is aware of all you think. Your brain lights up with energy each time you think with your human mind. An energy spirit universe would instantaneously perceive the image of your mind energy. This would immediately allow the matching to another mind or point of interaction in the universe that would match your own. Your spirit could then be able to guide you to such rendezvous points. How would it guide you.? The model proposes that it guides you by emotional response. If you have an idea that feels good, or exciting, or hopeful - that is your guide affirming that this is the correct thought to pursue. A negative response would then suggest the opposite. My natural affinity to fun things and outcomes would have tuned me to favouring those happy associations. Thus I would follow such lines of thought. Those who concentrate on the things that are "wrong" with their lives would simply find themselves many more similar experiences. Purely by my own experiences of life - this made sense.

My preoccupation with wanting to figure out how this worked was for a purely selfish reason. If I could control my thoughts in a deliberate fashion - I could manifest whatever end result I chose - providing I could follow the path of least resistance - the happy path. What could I lose.?

I experimented with very small scale trial approaches. I pictured fun things that I might experience in my day. Things that seemed so out of the ordinary that I would know they had occurred in response to my thoughts. I told others what I was doing so that I would have some form of quality control. On my first attempt I managed 3 out of 3 matches in one day. The second one was the best - as I had - in my frivolous fun way - decided that I would experience in some way - white balloons. Whilst driving to visit a relative my partner and I came across a house whose entire front was swathed in red and white balloons. Dozens of them. It was a most light-hearted but joyous discovery. I continued to conduct similar tests with mostly positive results. It was time to try something ambitious.

You must see it with your mind before you can see it with your eyes.

I decided to invent something big. It would need to have a huge "fun" content, and be generous in nature - as in to please others - and it would need to be wildly optimistic - as in - beyond my normal scope of events - otherwise it would simply be me arranging something easily manageable. If I could imagine it, and "see" it as it might appear after becoming reality - then presumably - it could happen. So I did.

I decided that I would choose a number of my friends - from various differing parts of my life - and we would all travel to North America and ride around in a totally haphazard way on motorcycles. I invited about 16 people in all, and 12 of them went for it. I had no idea how it would unfold, or how I could fund it, or how these people would relate to each other. I sent them images to focus on, emotive accounts of what it might be like to be somewhere enroute, and generally replicated images that I was holding in my own mind. As time progressed, a couple of most amazing allies in America simply offered to help. Without them it would likely have floundered, but they showed up at the right time, and achieved all that was required. Two weeks before the departure date our funding suddenly happened. Before we even left home we had all 10 motorcycles ready and waiting in America, plus a van and trailer. The participants finally met each other in the departure lounge the night we flew to America. We had the most fabulous time, there was no illness or accident to speak of, a few minor breakdowns that we easily encompassed, we met the best people who assisted us greatly and became the firmest friends. The entire trip was a resounding success and all the participants are keen to do it again. Besides that - we only spent a little more than half the budget.

This entire thing came from my mind, and was enhanced by involving many minds - without telling them that was the plan. I still have not entirely recovered from the magnitude of what took place - but as soon as I have - I shall be planning something even more ambitious. This was possibly the final proof to myself that my theory was correct, that I could harness the energy of the universe in response to my thought, and that distance was no limit. My American friends answered my thoughts in no greater time than my local friends. Everything I conceived as a need was fulfilled in the most splendid fashion in perfect time. My model works.

And so dear friend. What have I taught you? You are without any doubt whatsoever - the master of your own universe. You can allow it to happen by default - or you can drive it. Your choice entirely. One of the best things about this model is that nobody ever did anything to you - but you. You chose your parents - therefore you knew on the way in - with your eternal wisdom - who they were and what they would offer their child. And then you chose to inhabit that new life. Admittedly, waking up as a human does impose many limitations, and it can be hard to quiet that incessant human mind - but you can also embrace it - and utilise its wonderful analytical power to put things together. Others will arrive to help you on your way - the only real trick is to be guided by your inherent joy - that which you had as a child - but got talked out of.

I feel I am yet an infant in this art - but I have come a long way, and I do delight in the process. That is why it will continue..

Thank you.