A report of our most recent ride with a redoubtable group. The Back Roads Tour.

An article about restoring Amal Mk1 carbs using diluted battery acid.

The blow-by-blow account of the rebuild of Trevor.

Cam timing for sissies. A simple approach to getting the most from the cam profiles on your 70's British Triple using basic tools and animal cunning - Cam Timing.

Ride America - I took a group of friends to North America to ride around as much as we could manage in 3 months - haphazardly and at the speed of devaluation - read about it and how we did it in this massive daily account with over 900 photos.. 2014.

Triples Online - a most informative forum for finding out answers about building and tuning Triples from the people who have already done it - maybe a lot.. Triplesonline.

Spare Parts - an owner/builder's main go-to place. Tried and trusted suppliers are worth their weight in titanium. Here are a few whom I use regularly..

L.P. Williams in the UK.

British Motorcycle Parts in NZ.

British Spares in NZ.

Southern Spares in NZ.

Australian built electronic ignition designed and built by Steve Kelly for his Trident has been through several refinements and is now also available for twins. He also makes high quality coils and supplies rectifier/regulator units - pretty much everything for electrics and ignition.