Hi. Welcome to the Kilroy and Red website.

What is it about about.?

Sharing stuff.

We are most definitely intending to have the best life we can.

Currently - the plan is working just fine.

We love our friends and meeting new ones - and we have been doing this all around the planet over the last decade - with health and motorcycling being the common denominators.

Having discovered that the happier we are - the more the things we want come our way - we have made a concerted effort to manage our thoughts to this end.

You can read about this on these pages if you wish, and feel free to make contact if that would serve you well.

The pages on this site devoted to cars, motorcycles and kayaks are simply reflections of our interest in same.

We enjoy taking many photos of our adventures so most pages have a large pictorial content.

Health has been a big focus for me over the period since 2006 as I was diagnosed with a seemingly serious health issue. I chose to dispute that, and have undertaken my own upgrade of my health maintenance. It has worked beyond expectation, so I am now quite serious about helping others do what I have done - beat disease without drugs.

Whilst we have become associates of a fantastic company making some of the best health products on the planet, we realise that each person has their own approach to health and product choice.

For myself - I now understand that nobody can cure you - but you. I therefore simply teach people how to cure themselves.

I am very much about mind and thought - after all - that is who I am. That is who we all are. If you are able to embrace the notion that we are mostly spirit in nature, then it becomes much easier to accept our origins and the way in which we interact with this energy universe.

I have learnt much from teachers who offer explanations about this universe and how we can influence it - and I now decide what my world should look like. So can you.

The power of thought is immense - you design your own universe either by default - or by design.

Doing it deliberately is far more fun. Everything is entirely in your hands.

It is also totally empowering, so read on if you dare..


We wish to improve your human experience. Nobody should suffer for our sake. Thanks to all unconcerned.

Doing the things we love...

We are about Usana, Abraham, Sea Kayaks, Morris Marinas, Triumph Tridents, BSA Rocket 3's, Kiwis, New Zealand, Adventure, Fun, Life, Health, Nutrition, Self-determination, Love, Happiness, Value, Worth, Ideas, Preferences, Friends, Family, Music, Fitness, Food, and more that will come to mind. In no particular order..