Want to be the healthiest you have ever been.?

Unless you are already enjoying a 100% organic, vegetarian diet, and even then, it is most likely that you are suffering chronic nutritional deficiency and have a compromised immune system.

The average diet today can not provide anywhere near what the body requires in order to grow only healthy cells on a daily basis, and will result statistically in the onset of your genetically predisposed degenerative disease by your mid 50's even in clean green New Zealand.

The time has come, or did twenty years ago, when everyone needs to supplement their diet in order to make up the shortfall. Even the entrenched American Medical Association has done an about face and made a statement that it is now considered prudent for all adults to take multivitamins.

However, if you buy cheap, food grade, over the counter supplements, you will have virtually no quality control, be lucky to achieve more than a few percent of what is considered optimal intake, and will in effect have wasted your money.

In this age of science, we are able to buy many forms of "Health products". The medical profession have a very derisive opinion of them in general - and with good reason. In a world of increasing chronic illness, many are looking for ways to boost their health, so many companies have jumped on the "Health product" bandwagon. Unfortunately, many of the products they produce are ineffective, and some have even been found to contain harmful substances.

Hey - it is 2019.! The science is available to now produce the ultimate health product as far as what it should contain, and what it should not. I have been fortunate enough to both find and utilise what is rated as the best multi nutritional product available in NZ and Australia by an independent publication - the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements - for thirteen years now. With the results of several years of blood tests to provide scientific credibility, I can now claim to be the healthiest I have ever been in my life, despite being in my 60's.

I totally credit this to my dietary supplementation - as I have not changed my lifestyle in any other way. In fact - because I can now eat and drink anything I like without penalty, I have become a little overindulgent in some things I should not. I am only human after all.

The reason these products are different is because they are designed to deliver much higher dosages of vitamins and minerals than those suggested by the "Recommended Daily Intake" - the bare minimums that nobody is regularly achieving from their food - plus they are designed to be very bio-available - plus they are manufactured to pharmaceutical grade, so not only must they guarantee to contain exactly what is on the label, they must also guarantee to contain nothing else. Frankly, if you are wishing to make serious changes to your level of health, nothing less is worth considering.!

I would add here that in 2006 I was diagnosed as having an "incurable" chronic illness, and I chose to treat it with these products rather than drugs. I can only say that my obvious good health today is the result of this, and I lack any symptoms to suggest that any trace of the disease remains in my body.

I exclusively use, recommend and supply only this range of products. They are sourced directly from the manufacturer and everyone pays the same price. I am happy to arrange supply for anyone who requires, either by local freight or by putting them in touch with the company who have a presence in 16 countries around the world and growing. Contact me at - health "at" (you know..) kilroy.co.nz

Think on this.

If you have just relied on your food you have never enjoyed optimal nutrition in your entire life.

Imagine how you might feel if you did...

Fresh unprocessed and preferably organic food..


.. high quality, high yield, bio-available, scientific supplementation.

This is what optimal nutrition looks like.

Having an effective health maintenance program means you can cross health off your to-do list.

It is time you accepted full responsibility for your own health. Nobody else will...