1981 Morris 575 van.

I bought this van in 2006 to convert to a road going camper with car running gear. I thought it looked ok in the photos so I hit the "buy now" for a magnificent $400.

The fact that the entire rear interior had been professionally carpet covered was a huge bonus.

The fact that the rear doors were quite seriously damaged was not. I realised that there had been no photos of the rear doors in the ad..

I figured that I could make a pretty cool little van out of this, and began to get it sorted. The engine was shot but it did not matter as I had other plans for all the running gear.

I removed all the running gear.

I had the front guards panelbeaten and filled to a point that they could be primed and painted. Bad drivers door was replaced.

I fitted a good pair of rear doors which had been saved from a van that I had scrapped for someone else.

At this point the Canterbury earthquakes intervened. I was more involved with staying alive and finding some place to live that still featured a roof than I was with car projects.

The place I had been living got locked up and deemed unsafe so it took some time to recover my stuff and move it. In the interim the vehicle had gone downhill to some extent. I moved it to my new address and stashed a lot of parts I had salvaged inside it. As such it served as a shed for some time while I pondered it's future.

Another van appeared on Trademe. It seemed devoid of all the problems that this one had. So I bought it. I then pressed it into service as my work vehicle for some time and it was well suited to the role. Unfortunately it suffered some damage from an errant canine, after which it suffered two head gasket failures. As I was intending to change the running gear I decided not to repair the 1275 any more and laid it up.

I now had two vans which were unfinished projects and decided that I simply had to sell one of them and concentrate on the other. The red one had to go.

So here we are in 2018. I have this late model Marina van with live plates. It is just a rolling body but as I am stripping the other van I have everything it needs to be complete. Send much money...