1979 Morris 1700 (Marina Mk3)

This car had been sitting in a field for 7 years when I heard about it. Sadly it would have been an easy repair 7 years earlier, but was now a serious challenge. One I was not up for.

I took some pride in the fact that one of my Marinas towed another. Especially as that trailer weighed as much as a car all by itself.

It is inevitable when you begin collecting many examples of one type of car, that some will be sacrificed to save others. "Moss" looked to be sacrificial.

The interior was a big surprise. Apart from much understandable fading from the sun, everything was bone dry, and gave every appearance of having always been so.

The dismantling process is handled very carefully when I do it. Why would one go to such trouble and then inflict damage on the very parts one was attempting to save. From bumpers to lights to ashtray - it all gets carefully sorted and stashed.

By the time you get to this point it is pretty near game over. Seems I may have spotted something I missed though..

I notice that I have not removed the headlining in this car. I can only assume that I did not deem it a useful part at that time. I certainly did in later times.

Moss lives on.