1979 Morris 1700 Estate (Marina Mk3)

This car was advertised locally and cheap. There were reasons. Apart from not being the tidiest, the clutch had failed to the point that when in gear the car did not move. I paid $200 for it and towed it home, considering that it was a cheap set of spare parts.

While in an advanced state of wear, the interior was pretty much complete and would certainly provide many useful parts besides all the mechanicals.

While overhauling another O series car I found that I needed a cylinder head that I could recondition, so I plucked the one off this car.

This was intended to be the beginning of a total strip, after which any unneeded body parts would be scrapped.

However - in the right light the estate looked as though it could be saveable, so I forestalled the dismantling and decided to think about it for a while.

While I was thinking the rust accelerated rapidly and all 4 doors were beyond saving by the time I was ready to do so. There was rust elsewhere as well, so I began removing everything useful from it.

Some years later a man came in a truck and hauled the remains off to be crushed.

If I had not had such an extensive fleet when I acquired this I have no doubt that I would have put it back on the road.

One that got away..