1980 Morris 575 Van

Marina vans and pickups were given the 1275 A series engines and suitably lower gearing to make life bearable for their stated payload.

This van was offered to me for a meagre sum because it had neither wof nor reg and a few mechanical problems. This meant cost. I paid $150 for it and flew to Auckland to attempt driving it home. There was a free engine and automatic transmission that went with it, so the first manoeuvre was to secure said articles in the rear with ropes, levers and mirrors..

It actually drove after a bit of tuning, so off we went heading south for an eventual rendezvous with the Cook Strait ferry. Lunch break..

The van not only drove the entire trip but continued to provide service for some years hence.

It was eventually sold to someone who drove it to Dunedin. What happened after that I am not sure..