1973 Hillman Hunter Auto.

Hillman Hunter No.2.

In a wonderful stroke of serendipity I found a later model Hunter with a dead engine. Body was straight and it had a 4-speed auto. Perfect. Even better, I secured it for a few hundred dollars. With the money left over I managed to buy a Sunbeam Rapier twin-carb setup including twin downpipe exhaust manifold, plus a set of Rostyle rims. The end result not only looked very smart but performed rather well.

Hmmm. Seems another twin setup has found it's way into the photo.

This car performed faultlessly for the rest of its time with me, mostly used as a town car for transporting family here and there with her indoors behind the wheel. She found some delight in exercising some superior horsepower when challenged by punks at the lights.

About this time the engine in my work Bedford expired. As I had changed the nature of my work I figured I could make do with an estate which would be much cheaper to run than the big van. I found a suitable estate, rebuilt it and pressed it into service. It proved to be so versatile that the Hunter was sold to friends.