1982 Bedford CF2 Auto.

I worked for the local Power Board and my work vehicle was a Bedford CF. It drove well but suffered from frequent clutch and gearbox problems as the small port town of Lyttelton was extremely hilly.

Local Bedford Agents recommended that we should adopt an Auto version. About this time the firm decided to re-equip with Nissan C20's. I could not even fit in one - let alone obtain 2nd gear because my knee and the column change both needed to inhabit the same space.

I went looking and found a really mint and low mileage Bedford mini-van. It was an auto too - but the clincher was that it would save the firm 8 grand. They figured that was a good thing and went for it. Here I am moving from the old one to the new one...

I later bought this van off the firm and used it for many years in my own business. Brilliant vehicle.!