1965 Wolseley 16/60

I bought this car from a workmate, having admired it during the time he owned it. Compared to my previous Magnette, this had a sound body and was generally a lower mileage example. I had developed a soft spot for the Farina bodied cars, and they provided good space and reasonable economy. The performance of the single carb version was noticeably lower than the MG, but the seats were more comfortable, and the suspension more compliant.

I discovered that the MG front suspension was lower, but all the parts were exactly the same. There were some spacers fitted above the spring base plate on the MG, and below it on the Wolseley - so I reassembled the Wolseley in the same fashion, and lowered it. It did improve the cornering a bit, but the MG may have had stiffer rear springs as well, so it was only half the deal.

The cylinder head cracked at one stage, and was replaced with another. That was the only mechanical issue in the time I owned it. Otherwise, it was a really good car, and one I would gladly own again. The 1622cc engine was a tad underpowered for this car - an 1800 would have given it much better performance.