1964 MG Magnette MkIV

I bought a pair of cars, and made one from the two. This would be my first car purchase since returning to New Zealand from nearly 5 years overseas. I had been loaned several cars, and also had a work vehicle, but it was time to have something sitting at home for her indoors to use.

The original MG motor had expensive problems, so I used the Riley unit. They were identical 1622cc items except the Riley had a tacho drive direct from the camshaft - so I blanked it off. Apart from that, it had the standard twin SU setup, standard suspension and slightly rotten body. Rust was not such an issue in those days, so it did not prevent me meeting all the legal requirements.

A relative of mine who used to condescend about my 'reduced' choice of vehicles, bought a brand new Nissan Sunny. On its first major trip, it cracked the cylinder head and forced oil into the cooling system. I towed him 200 miles home at around 60-65mph with the Magnette. That marked the end of his perspective on who had the smartest approach to car ownership.!

These are the only photos I have of the Magnette. I was not suitably inspired to take more - the cost of film you know - but the car gave great service, never broke down during my ownership, and performed beyond all expectations. Can't give higher praise than that.

Embrace the journey.!