1955 Mk1 Zephyr

My first car ever. Bought from flatmate circa 1968. I spent several months driving it around before getting my licence. It was reliable despite a rather chequered career. Only problem I can remember was the failure of the distributor cap. I broke it in the course of the investigation, and after replacing it all the problems vanished. So that was nice.

Proud owner - Mk1's were desirable in the day.

I made a number of long road trips in this car. Some of them had an unknown outcome as I grossly exceeded my fuel range for the money I had. Happily I was able to pick up hitchhikers who were prepared to contribute.

The Hunter was only 1 year old here..

One night I had an argument with a kerb. It broke the radius rod and folded the strut under the car. I began repairing it with used parts, then discovered the chassis was bent. Sold it to a workmate for peanuts. Dang.