September 2021

A guy called Brian showed up at my house one night. He explained that he had reason to believe I could help him with his bikes. I was intrigued as to how he might have tracked me down, but he did not seem to be a person you wouldn't trust, and soon we ended up in the shed talking machinery.

He needed help with a T150 which despite having a new clutch fitted, was not performing as it should, so he figured that there was more to it than the plate.

He also had 5 other T150's, but I was not sure if they might also need attention. Lawdy.!

Totally by chance I was talking to a friend a few days later, and he knew of Brian, and had sold him a restored A65 Lightning, so suddenly we were acquainted.

A few weeks later I had a space in my shed so Brian brought the T150 to me, and told me all he knew about its behaviour. After he left I checked it out and ended up opening the clutch adjustment cover and setting everything the way I usually do it. It seemed that I could get it to operate ok while stationary, so at least I knew that much.

Next thing was to test ride it and see if I could figure its problem. It seemed to behave ok, although it did have a very small area of disengagement at the lever. When I got home I put the front wheel against the wall of the shed and in second gear tried feeding some power in as I opened the throttle. Sure enough, I could get the clutch slipping to the point that I had the lever fully out, so things were definitely awry.

Nothing for it but to pull the primary apart and extract the clutch assembly. Pipes and mufflers came off, and then the outer primary. Nothing looked out of place in there, but seemed clean enough to suggest it had been apart not that long ago.