March 2021

A friend of mine had once owned one of these bikes, and besides performing very well for its engine capacity, I always thought it looked the piece. Sort of factory cafe racer. Nice.

This one needed waking up after a long sleep. That means the carbs will be totally gummed up with dead fuel. Always a tedious job.

Inevitably there will be other problems. Regardless of the physical size of any machine, it still has all the same sets of parts, and many do not enjoy storage. We begin by removing seat and tank, then carbs, fuel taps, and various vacuum arrangements. That gets us to here.

Removing the float bowl from the first carb revealed much as expected. A lot of cleaning to be done here.

The body of the carb appears to have suffered the same fate. Fuel left in carbs long term does some unimaginable things.

Second verse - same as the first. It takes hours that one seldom recovers in paid time, but if it isn't done properly you will be visiting it again in double quick time.