August 2020

A friend was heading my way when his bike broke down. He phoned me to say he had left it at my place, and that he had found something that appeared to have dropped out of the carb.

I got home to find it safe and well, and the mixture screw was the errant part - which might describe why he could not get it started after a fuel stop.

It did not take long to find where the mixture screw belonged, although I was unsure how to set it as a starting point.

However, as the bike also was due for an oil and filter change, I dumped the oil and managed to locate a filter locally, so was able to complete the job.

While the bike was now presumably ready to go, I was unable to elicit any signs of life from it, so I asked the owner to come and get it, hoping that he knew the secret of making it go, and that there were no other problems.

He duly showed up and started it after some dedicated kicking, and it seemed to be happy enough, so he rode it away.

He later contacted me and described a tuning issue, so I told him to just keep screwing the mixture screw in by half a turn at a time until it behaved.

Seemingly it has.