November 2019

This T160 has been in my care several times in the past, and I got to deliver it back to Blenheim on one occasion, which was a most enjoyable ride. Subsequently it has not enjoyed much use, and due to several changes of address has been stored in less than optimum conditions.

The occasional flat tyre and generally drab appearance on arrival suggested there would be a fair bit to look at.

First step is always to drain all the old fluids, which includes the brake fluid reservoirs. Neither end brakes were operating, so both master cylinders had to be stripped and kitted.

Stale brake fluid resembles tomato soup - but without any goodness...

Front brake went back together and bled up ok, but the caliper pistons were sticking, and the pads were well worn, so pushing the pistons back to the bottom of their bores and fitting new pads solved that issue.

Rear cylinder was also very grubby within, but when rekitted it seemed happy enough. The threads on the pushrod needed repair as the rod had not been correctly adjusted and was floating about within the pedal abutment.

Brakes working and tyres inflated I could now move the bike about somewhat more easily.

Engine and primary oils now got refilled, and with the aid of a new battery I decided to try and get the bike to run...

No real problem starting considering several years of slumber. Tuning went from too lean to overly rich between slides and needles. This was now going to involve a total carb strip.

Bother. Inevitably this process is very time consuming.

Oh well...

The first time I explored these carbs I found that they had #3 slides whereas #4 would have been original. I tried fitting the correct ones but found the bike would then not run without some choke, even when warm, so I refitted the #3 items. Somebody had been here since and repeated my experiment, but had then richened the needle settings to compensate. Unsuccessfully it would seem.

I now fitted another set of #3's and leaned the needles, plus went over the float height settings. Next start was much happier, and riding the bike proved it to be pretty fault-free as far as the tuning went. I can only put it's need for more fuel than standard down to the mufflers, which are an alternative Blackcap style with straight through baffling.

After a couple of test rides and fine tuning the idle settings, the bike got a second oil change and an oil cooler flush, and a few photos whilst in the right company..

So that completed it all, and the bike was ready to go home. It did so soon after and has subsequently been sold. Guess I will not be seeing it here again any time soon.

Very pleased to have had a number of opportunities to improve the overall condition of another tasty T160 - my faourite flavour triple.