February 2018

Back in the beginning, somewhere around November 2014, I got a phone call from a stranger who said he knew of me via a web forum for Triples. He had a Trident in Germany where he lived, but he was in town because his Father was ill. He had bought a bike, a BSA Firebird, and he thought it might be fun to catch up. I thought so too, and arranged for him to meet me at my local coffee shop at 10am next day. A few hours later I got another phone call from another stranger who said he knew me via a web forum for Triples, and as he was down here on his Trident, perhaps we could catch up. I agreed and told him to meet me at my local coffee shop at 10am next day. So I phoned a mate and told him to meet me and a couple of strange Dudes at my local coffee shop at 10am next day.

We are all still in touch and have shared many miles since then. The Firebird and my Trident got a few miles in back then.

We became good friends and stayed in touch. He began to acquire a few bikes during various visits and all came to me for various repairs, but not the Firebird. It had not needed any.

Fast forward to Feb 2018 and the National BSA Rally here. It was decided that I should attend on the Firebird, so woke it from its slumbers and checked that all was ok. It was until the first trip to the rally site, when the gearlever return spring broke, and I had to adopt a bit of extra ankle work to try to ensure that I could engage the next gear when needed. Sometimes I could and sometimes I couldn't. It still looked smart though.

I managed all of the planned rides albeit with some difficulty. Changing down for intersections was the most annoying, as missing the change would have us arriving too fast to take the right line, but there was nothing that could be done until after the weekend event and a new spring could be found.

Not to say that we didn't enjoy ourselves though, it was a hoot riding with so many other BSA's from around the country.

After the rally the Firebird joined a number of other machines in my garage, all needing attention of sorts, some post-rally and some longer term.

It is interesting where you meet new riding associates, and how they can lead to long term friendships. Probably one of the main reasons we keep doing it.

I think we are all very lucky to be here now.