April 2016

When did you last see a Suzuki Stinger.?

And what a crazy little bike it is.

A friend wanted one badly so was persuaded to part with quite a sum of money, but at least it was a splendid example.

It came because of a problem with the indicators, as in, they didn't, and the wof man was suitably perturbed by that and thus did not issue one. Warrant that is.

I discovered that the problem was simply the flasher unit, but being a 6 volt item I did not have one laying around. I did find one locally though, and matters were resolved quickly and effectively.

My friend urged me to take it for a spin, and I was suitably keen to do so, as I never got near one back in the day, and did not know anyone who actually did, but I thought they looked pretty cool for a tiny bike.

Well, "tiny" proved to be the problem. When astride the machine I could not turn the handlebars, because my knees were firmly wedged behind them.! I did manage a brief ride around the block, by splaying my legs widely so the bars could be operated within the space between my knees, but it was not the most comfortable position and the aerodynamics of the whole arrangement took care of a fair slice of the available horsepower.

Have to say, it went extremely quickly for a 125, so I was impressed by that, but I don't see one in my future..