These bikes were purchased in California and used by our group to complete an extremely successful circumnavigation of northern USA. As my research had suggested, they proved to be extremely reliable machines and user-friendly for touring riders - especially those with pillion passengers.

Altogether we covered around 11000 miles with only a broken cable, a broken fuel fitting, 2 punctures and a failed alternator - and this was over 10 bikes in all. Three were the later 1050 Sprint ST's, plus a Ducati 620 and a Yamaha FZ6R. The latter two were more recent models and as such were considered less likely to present problems.

They did not.

As it happened, the Ducati got traded for a new Triumph twin, and all we had to do for that was complete the regular service intervals.

These bikes all performed sterling service and 8 were shipped home to NZ.

We enjoy them still.