December 2010

This bike was being stored at a friend's place. It was loaned to an overseas rider at the 2010 BSA International Rally, but nobody could start it. It was put back in storage then came to me to see what was up with it.

It seemed to have an ignition problem which was likely an issue with the Boyer ignition system. This usually means that the battery is getting low. I messed with the wiring and the carb tuning and it seemed to be willing to run. It got used on the BSA club run in February 2011, while we were all picking our lives up after the earthquakes.

Another friend sampled it and it changed hands. It was a very honest example but was not an original colour and had replica mufflers.

Tank and sidecovers were treated to a new shade of red, and a pair of proper style mufflers fitted. The bike was entered in the 2011 British Bike Show.

Not much else was needed for this bike. It got some new spark plugs and a few small tuning adjustments, then left town to take up residence with it's owner.

Still going well.