November 2010

I was outside my workshop when I heard the unmistakeable sound of a triple coming up the street. Most triples here are coming my way, so I waited to see who it might be.

A Trident hove into view, and was immediately enveloped in a cloud of it's own smoke. I waved to the rider and he headed into the yard. His name was Kendrick and the previous owner of the bike had told him to look for me if he had any problems. It seemed he did.

Jeez - you just have to love the old "red & black" though..

I had prior knowledge of this bike, as I had helped the previous owner with a few issues and supplied him with a Lucas Rita ignition for it. The tank was a different colour now, and Kendrick revealed that it had been made from two tanks due to a major rust issue.

I pulled the head off it to see where all the oil was coming from. Bores and pistons looked good, but there was evidence that a lot of oil was coming down the inlet valve guides.

I fitted new valves and guides and put it all back together taking care to ensure it would remain oiltight. Aluminium gaskets were fitted under the rocker boxes, and later type "x section" pushrod tube seals. It went back together somewhat cleaner.

The work was successful and no more smoke. I did a few running in miles with associated head retightens and valve adjustments, although the alloy gaskets meant that nothing much compressed.

Kendrick took the bike home and we subsequently did a few runs together. Always fun.

In December 2012 the bike came back for a few things. Some were electrical.

Another was to fit a new pair of home market handlebars, which pleased me immensely because the bike really needed them.

Besides making the whole bike look more functional and user-friendly, the riding experience was transformed. I remember thinking that this bike rode like a brand new machine, with the added bonus that it was already totally sorted.

I feel very privileged to work on and experience so many tasty machines - without having to buy them...