April 2004

A new bike appeared on the scene. Allan's Speed Triple was the first experience I had of the new Hinckley triples. It was not only very impressive, but it also still had the soul of a triple as we knew them. Something that delivered an intoxicating hyperbolic power delivery. Fabulous.

I thought the outrageous Kermit green colour scheme suited it well.

This machine was well behaved but with a dual personality. Without any drama whatsoever, when you dialled it up all that seemed to happen was that the wind got stronger and the scenery began moving backwards very quickly.

No sense of limitation.

I was extremely impressed by this machine. Despite an apparent lack of creature comforts, we rode this bike to Blenheim on two occasions and felt very much at home.

A most capable steed.

My experience of this bike was what led me to choosing our preferred rides for North America in 2014.