October 2008

Geoff brought his T160 in to have a TriSpark ignition fitted. It had a Boyer but would not light up on the electric start. A common problem.

It was fortunate in having some exalted company.

I cannot now remember if there was some other maintenance or tuning work, as the tank came off.

The TriSpark ignition got fitted in the "tool tray" (yeah, right..) area as mine had been, but inevitably, uncovering the wiring on most bikes manages to reveal more work that was not anticipated.

The TriSpark performed as hoped and electric starting became a cinch. However, during the first test ride one of the three pickups failed and I limped home on 2 cylinders.

I notified Steve Kelly who makes the TriSparks and he admitted that he was having some trouble with a batch of pickups. He sent me 3 more. I replaced the problem item and went for a longer ride, during which another one failed. Fortunately my test road was uphill all the way from the workshop, so I was able to coast all the way back.

This time I fitted both of the remaining new pickups. No more problems.

My final pictures of most bikes in my care were at this time taken outside the workshop door with everything restored and looking pretty.

As it happened, a number of triples were at that stage simultaneously, so they got to line up together.