May 2023

This bike recently completed its 'coming back to life' exercise, and is now resplendent in its new number plate and wof.

Unfortunately, despite many years of no use, it managed to suffer a mechanical failure of the kickstart return spring after its first few runs.

That is why the lickstart lever is at half-mast in the title pic.

As luck would have it, I was kinda pressed for space having just collected yet another bike for its revival, but decided that I could knock this over in a few hours, so it came in anyway.

The outer gearbox cover was off in short time after draining the gearbox oil. However, my plans for a quick turnaround came to a sudden halt when the gasket disintegrated as the cover came away, and I did not have a replacement on hand.

I did have a new spring though, so after a good clean of the cover bits it got fitted immediately and is now ready for the reassembly when new gaskets arrive in two days.

For a change, the spring had broken in the middle rather than the end.

The only other work I could do was to scrape the odd bits of gasket off the inner cover, and give the internals a good clean, before shuffling bikes to get them all under cover.

A capacity crowd you might say...

The gasket came and everything went back together very easily. I test rode the bike to ensure all the gears were at home, and it was a very pleasing ride. The throttle/clutch/gearchange relationship was just right, and it was one of those occasions when you changed gear just for the fun of it.

Nice. And rare.

Pleased with the bike, I sent it home in the tender care of its owner, who pleasingly rode it away.

As you should.